Project Success

Keeping Hope Alive is our motto and we continue our strong commitment toward inspiring
and supporting the dreams of youth and families in the greater Ogden Area.


Project Success Coalition has proudly served Utah since 1989, providing after-school and summer academic programs, cultural arts and awareness, health prevention education and advocacy and community and economic development.  Growing out of a grassroots community coalition, we pride ourselves on being one of the voices for our community in articulating, advocating and addressing the needs of African Americans in Utah.  Finding workable solutions and promoting community empowerment is at the heart of our work and we invite those interested in joining the effort to do so.


Expect the Great Conference

Expect the Great Conference

You’re invited to a special event at the University of Utah. Join me for Expect the Great, an annual college and career readiness event where you’ll learn about the college admissions process, how to pay for your education, and how to be successful in... read more
Utah Health Status

Utah Health Status

Utah Health Status by Race and Ethnicity 2015 presents information on “health disparities” as they impact racial and ethnic populations in Utah. A “health disparity” exists whenever the health status on a given measure in one or more racial/ethnic populations is found... read more

October is Diabetes Awareness Month