Project Success

Project Success is a year round education outreach program for youth and families. Our students range in grades from K-7 and represent a broad cross-section of the community. We offer students an opportunity to gain new skills as well as enhance their basic skills in math, reading, writing, computer literacy, and science.


Harambee Tobacco Prevention

Tobacco related illnesses the number one cause of death in our community” For decades health professionals and consumer advocates have been sounding the alarm about the harmful, adverse effects of smoking on the human body. Advocacy efforts have made in-roads over the years by bringing attention to the chemicals that go into the cigarette manufacturing.


Youth Program

Project Success is one of the oldest community-based after-school programs in Ogden with over 25 years of service. Project Success continues to build partnerships with other agencies, business and organizations to keep us on the “cutting edge” of best practices. Harambee Youth Council, is our youth led, tobacco prevention program.

Keeping Hope Alive is our motto and we continue our strong commitment toward inspiring
and supporting the dreams of youth and families in the greater Ogden Area.


Project Success Coalition has proudly served Utah since 1989, providing after-school and summer academic programs, cultural arts and awareness, health prevention education and advocacy and community and economic development.  Growing out of a grassroots community coalition, we pride ourselves on being one of the voices for our community in articulating, advocating and addressing the needs of African Americans in Utah.  Finding workable solutions and promoting community empowerment is at the heart of our work and we invite those interested in joining the effort to do so.


Project Success Coalition, Inc.
P.O. Box 151003
Ogden, UT 84415

Phone: 801-394-0924


Utah Education Network has developed a website for our newly created Juneteenth Holiday.
H.B. 338 Juneteenth Holiday Observance was passed during the 2016 Utah legislative session.  If you did not know, Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States and H.B. 338 states that Juneteenth Freedom Day shall be commemorated annually in Utah on the third Saturday in June.  (June 18, 2016)
In support of this bill, the Utah Education Network developed a Juneteenth Freedom Day webpage.
You can find a link to this page on our handy dandy Resources for K-12 Education page: