Project Success, is a grassroots, not-for-profit, Community Learning Center, located in the heart of Ogden. Our motto is “Keeping Hope Alive” and we work with youth and families to help keep dreams alive and imagine a world where they contribute and participate in its positive growth and prosperity.  We do so by opening doors of opportunity to celebrate arts and culture, support and celebrate academic foundations, and promote health and wellness.

Project Success began as a response a to “Community Call to Action” to address the drug arrest and use and associated criminal activity in Ogden’s inner city. Betty Sawyer, along with the late Reverend Leander Coates, invited residents to a Town Hall Meeting at the Marshall White Community Center.  Over 100 residents, along with representatives from the Ogden NAACP, local congregations, sororities, and other civic groups, and Hill Air Force Base, came together to look at community challenges and community assets. Participants identified a lack of opportunities for youth and a lack of jobs, police issues, and limited activities for out-0f-school time, to name a few.  Everyone agreed to work together and make a difference in their neighborhoods, one brick at a time. There was not an organization at the time to fulfill this mission, so Project Success was born!  The name itself, was birthed through one of our local youth, citing PS for Post Script, meaning the “story isn’t over and there’s more to come”.   That was our sentiment exactly.  We weren’t ready to give on our inner city and the youth and families that reside there.  Project Success provided one of the first after-school programs in Ogden and has provided continuous services since it’s inception in 1989.